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About us 


Private Brand Concepts specializes in the development and production of Private Label Cosmetics such as: perfumes, body care, bath & shower products and many related cosmetics articles.

After years of experience in the development of cosmetics products, PBC has developed many different products for several customers. We convert your idea or wish into a solid product

A driven team of developers ensures that a unique product is put together, new private label products are introduced or the restyling of your existing concept. Competent employees and thorough partners ensure that we can translate all your specific wishes into your desired product!

This thanks to extensive experience, knowledge of the market, and cooperation with partners who meet strict quality requirements, great flexibility and professional service. The result is your own successful private label.

Successful private labels only come about if the entire process is completed perfectly. From development and production to marketing and distribution. All these parts are in expert hands at Private Brand Concepts. You benefit from extensive experience and expertise in Research & Development, production, legislation and good manufacturing practices.

Private Brand Concepts is a specialist in all types of Private Labels. Some examples are: Perfumes, Body care and Skin Care, Household items, Carbon articles, Gadgets and give aways. Which ever product you are looking for Private Brand Concepts ensures.

Private Label Perfume 

Having your own private label parfum developed and introduced is now within reach. Together with our customers we develop each private Label Eau de toilette or private label parfum as desired. In collaboration with the best partners we produce every desired private label parfum on behalf of our customers, brands or artists. Choose from our extensive range of perfumes and create your own perfume label perfume. Our expert advice and years of experience guide you to the right choice. A sent is emotion! Nothing can so effectively evoke a memory or fit our mood as a fragrance. Develop your own private label parfum!

Private Label Body Care

Body care is and remains an important point of interest in our climate! Extreme weather conditions during a severe winter or hot summer where the skin is exposed to wind and sun require daily care of our skin.
Delicious bath oils for a skincare bath, shower gels in various scents for under the shower, scrub products for cleaning the body or nurturing body lotions. We can produce a product for you under private label according to your wishes. Even if it has to meet certain requirements as a preservation-free, perfume-free etc.

Private Label Skin Care

Optimal skin care is important to protect and nourish the skin barrier. Especially with aging, in combination with a varied diet, sufficient drinking and the use of day creams, night creams, eye creams and other skin care products is a must. And every day and every type of skin these day creams, night creams and other products are tuned.

The private label skincare range has been extended at Private Brand Concepts. Whether it is Private Label Skincare for young skin or private label skincare for aging skin, we can develop a variety of recipes for you. Day creams, night creams, masks, body lotions, hand creams, body scrubs, facescrubs, cleansers and many other products are among the possibilities. Make your own private label skin care line a reality.